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The Rutland Society of St George

What embodies Britain? Rolling hills, gracious queueing and endless cups of tea? Of course.
But there is one thing we do better than the rest… a proper roast beef dinner!

Come along to The Rutland Society of St George and enjoy your best roast dinner yet!
We’re a dynamic, sociable community that meets once a year to celebrate the almighty legend of St George.

The Legend

St George is synonymous with British history. Hear his name, and you think of knights in armour, a ferocious dragon and – of course – his iconic white and red flag.
We know very little about St George today, however. He was born in the 3rd century AD in Cappadocia (modern day Turkey) and probably never visited England. He became a martyr when he refused to denounce his faith under horrific torture by Emperor Diocletian. The Emperor eventually had George beheaded, and legend has it Diocletian’s wife was so impressed by George’s fortitude that she converted to Christianity.
So, what about the dragon? George’s famous fire-breathing dragon became part of his legend several centuries later, most probably as a representation of Evil against strength and Christian goodness.

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The Dinner

The Rutland Society of St George Dinner is an evening to enjoy tradition, good company and really good food! The menu remains unchanged from the establishing Victoria Hall dinner in 1979. We kick off with hearty game soup before getting ready for the main event: intensely flavoursome roast sirloin of beef, hand-carved at your table. It’s quite the spectacle! A proper roast calls for the best accompaniments, and we guarantee seasonal vegetables, fluffy Yorkshires and classic roast potatoes in abundance!
Pudding comes next – what else? And what could be better than a warming bowl of homemade apple pie, served piping hot with custard? Very little, we think! A fine selection of English cheeses and a bottle of port on each table comes next, followed by tea, coffee and chocolate mints.
Happily fed, we now enjoy some short, witty readings plus a spot of community singing. Well, as they say, you must sing for your supper!

The Club

The Rutland Society of St George was founded by five local Oakham residents in the 1970s. We meet annually on 23rd April – St George’s Day – to catch up, honour tradition and enjoy a very fine four-course dinner.
Become a member, and you’ll join a lively male community comprising of like-minded locals from many different occupations. Our current body is broad and eclectic – from bankers and car salesmen to the local coffee roaster! It provides the perfect opportunity to expand your social circle!
One of the great things about us (there are many!) is our low-commitment membership. There are no membership fees or small print attached. You can take a more active role if you wish, but the only set arrangement is the St George’s Day Dinner. This wonderful evening is overseen by an honorary President, who is selected new each year.
The Society is a neutral space, yet remains true to its founding principles. We are constantly evolving in line with membership expectations. In recent years, for instance, we’ve moved to more contemporary readings and a less formal dress code.

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The History

We opened the doors to our first event in 1979. The founding dinner took place at the impressive Victoria Hall in Oakham. This striking Victorian Grade II-listed building has been Rutland’s social hub since its construction in 1858. Membership grew quickly, and the initial five soon became a group of 200 friendly, animated individuals, with a waiting list too. Our membership is around 80 now, and with no waiting list.

Dinners were held at the Victoria Hall until 2003, when we moved to Barnsdale Lodge Hotel for a short one-year stint. Then, in 2005, we relocated to Greetham Valley Golf Club, where we’ve met ever since. Set in a pristine sweep of land just minutes from the A1, Greetham Valley combines traditional charm with ease and accessibility. It’s the perfect setting!

Come Along!

Keen to find out more? We’d be delighted to hear from you! Membership is open to all men on an equal basis, regardless of age or occupation. If you enjoy social gatherings but don’t want the commitment and obligation of regular meetings, then The Rutland Society of St George is for you! Come along, meet an interesting, ever-companionable circle of individuals and enjoy a fantastic social event!We look forward to meeting you!

For details please drop us a message.

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